Monday, May 7, 2012

Pirate Party

My son's 6th Birthday party was a Pirate party.  We all had a lot of fun getting ready for this.  I used some ideas from Pinterest and modified some to fit what we had to work with, and our budget.

My favorite thing from the party decorations was the Pirate Ship, made from a pumpkin.  Since his birthday is in the fall, this was the perfect time to find a very barnicle-clad pumpkin/gourd in the right shape.

I cut the top and hollowed it out.  I cut three squares into the sides for the cannons.  Taking pieces of the pumpkin that was cut out, I created the cannons to fit inside the squares, and used an apple corer to hollow out the cannonballs that are placed inside.  I used bamboo skewers for the mast heads and large leaves for the sails, tying them together with yarn.

I added a Lego skeleton to the front of the ship.  The Lego pirates came from the Pirates of the Caribbean kit that he was getting or his birthday.

I used popsicle sticks to form a plank and the inside floor of the ship, then added the rest of the Lego pirates.

Other decorations included some old wooden crates we had and a few empty dark glass bottles, which I attempted to stuff with the treasure map. I bought some brown netting from the craft store.  At the dollar store I found a bag of gold chocolate coins (for the kids table), and some gold doubloons for decoration.

For favors, I bought some pirate bandanas (skulls, crossbones, swords, etc.), pirate bouncy balls, eyepatches, pirate tattoos, pirate silly bands and mini-telescopes.

I made a treasure map out of a paper grocery bag - taken apart at the seams and used the inside to draw one.  I crumpled it up to add some age to it.

The location was at a park, which already had a wooden bridge, a rope bridge, part of a ship (front), climbing wall, and other items that played well into the theme and the treasure hunt.  I had my daughter hide gold coins throughout the park and take the kids on the treasure hunt, based on the map we created.

I designed the invitations myself and printed them from my color printer, then rolled them into scrolls to hand out.  The kids liked helping with that.

I made the cake myself, taking a few ideas I'd seen online and pulling it together into something my son envisioned.  I bought some fondant at Walmart to cut out the pirate hat, skull and crossbones.

For fun snacks, I made blue jello in clear cups with Swedish fish inside.  I also made caramel apples.


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